The following documents and links are meant to help Year 5 teachers prepare their learners for the English Annual Examination.

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Year 5 Annual Examination Guidelines
The Examination Guidelines outlines the structure and layout of the English Year 5 Examination and how Learning Outcomes are embedded within the exam. 

Year 5 Annual Examination Guidelines
Year 5 Specimen Paper

The Specimen Paper 2022 intended for Year 5 learners, shows how the English Annual Paper for Year 5 will be set following the introduction of the Learning Outcomes Framework in September 2022. 

Speaking                                                                           Listening

Teacher's Paper                                                           Teacher's Paper

Student's Paper                                                           Student's Paper

Marking Scheme

Reading and Writing                                                 Marking Scheme

Reading Extracts Booklet

Reading and Writing Answers Booklet

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Year 5 Annual Examinations Data

Tasks from Year 5 English Annual Exams are collated in a chart and pegged to skills from the syllabus.

Year 5 Annual Examination Past Papers (based on old syllabus)
 Alternative Papers

The Specimen Alternative Papers 2020 are intended for those learners who are following Checklist 1 or Checklist 2.

Guidelines for English Alternative Papers

Alternative Paper 1 - Specimen

Reading and Writing Paper 1 - Marking Scheme 

Alternative Paper 2 - Specimen

Reading and Writing Paper 2 - Marking Scheme

Alternative Papers - Past Papers

Past Papers for the English Alternative Paper for learners following Checklist 1 and Checklist 2.