The following documents and links should help Year 4 teachers prepare their learners for the English Annual Examination based on the Learning Outcomes in the Supporting Document for Year 4.

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Year 4 Annual Examinations Guidelines

The Examination Guidelines outlines the structure of the English examination and how Learning Outcomes are embedded within the exam. 

Year 4 Specimen Paper

The Specimen Paper 2020 intended for Year 4 learners serves as a guide how the English Annual Paper for Year 4 will be developed. 


English Alternative Annual Examination Guidelines

The Alternative Annual Examination Guidelines outline the structure of the English alternative examination Paper 1 and Paper 2. 

Alternative Paper Specimen

The Specimen Alternative Papers 2020 are intended for those learners who are following Checklist 1 or Checklist 2.

Alternative Paper 1 - Specimen

Reading and Writing Paper 1 - Marking Scheme 

Alternative Paper 2 - Specimen

Reading and Writing Paper 2 - Marking Scheme

Alternative Papers - Past Papers

Past Papers for the English Alternative Paper for learners following Checklist 1 and Checklist 2.