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English Learning Outcomes - Year 5

The English Learning Outcomes for Year 5 will be officially implemented in September 2022. The Supporting Document for English in Year 5 builds on the skills, competences and knowledge acquired by the end of Year 4.  It establishes clear, consistent guidelines for what every learner should know and be able to do in the English language throughout Year 5.  The new learning outcomes also provide a way for teachers to measure their learners’ progress throughout the school year and ensure that the learners’ needs are addressed.  The knowledge, attitudes and skills-based outcomes in this document are considered national education entitlement to all Year 5 learners in Malta.

Here you can also find further material that complements the Supporting Document.

Additional material is available for the following learning outcomes.

SR 6.8

I can participate in role-play by articulating clearly and demonstrating fluency.

SR 6.9

I can express my own opinions clearly and I can also take turns in a discussion and conversation.

RV 6.7

I can express my opinion about a story at my own reading level and give clear reasons.

I can participate in writing for a wide range of genres, audience, and purposes.

WR 6.9

LIT 6.4

I can identify and respond to the use of literary devices and elements in literary texts.

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