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 Poetry Corner

Poetry appreciation leads to many rich learning opportunities - it helps to develop memory and brain power, encourages learners to play with language and words, introduces readers to figures of speech such as alliteration, metaphor and similes as well as encouraging the use of creativity and imagination.  Above all it is FUN!

Here are some tips that we have put together to help you select which poems to use in class:

  • Choose poems that are lively, with exciting rhythms and rhymes, that emphasise the sounds of language and encourage wordplay.    Poems that use words in new and exciting ways allow children to expand their imaginations and see or hear the world in a new way.

  • Poems for young learners should tell simple stories and introduce stirring scenes of action.  Effective poems allow children to interpret, to feel, and to put themselves into the poems. 

  • The themes and characters in the poems should delight children, communicate a message, remind them of previous experiences and tickle their funny bones.

We invite you to check out our growing collection of poems to help you inspire your learners and enrich your poetry lessons.

Real and Imaginary animals


Special Celebrations

Health and Fitness

Media and Technology

Nice and nasty things to eat



Myths and Magic

Playing Games with Words


Weather and Seasons

The Environment

Favourite websites for poems and poetry lesson resources 

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