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Scheme of Work - Shopping and Services
Little Music Fan
Lesson 1 Listening

In this Listening lesson, learners listen to a story called The Magician's Shop.

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Worksheet with Questions  and  Answer Sheet

Story Time
Lesson 2 Reading

In this Reading lesson, learners read a newspaper article about plastic bags.

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Download reading text

Download Worksheet and Answer Sheet

Reading with Magnifying Glass
Lesson 3 Literature

Learners read and respond to an excerpt from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

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Download reading text

Download Worksheet and Answers

Lesson 4 Writing

In the writing lesson, learners will practise writing a poster and a book review.


Download PowerPoint

Download Title for Writing Task

Download Writing Frame - Book Review

Download Writing Frame - Poster

Download Success Criteria: Book Review - Poster

Lesson 5 Speaking

In this speaking lesson, learners practise comparing and contrasting pictures and take part in a role play.

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Download Compare and Contrast Prompt Cards

Download Role Play Sentence Starters

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