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Scheme of Work - School and Education
Little Music Fan
Lesson 1 Listening

In this Listening lesson, learners listen to children describing their school uniforms.

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Worksheet with Questions  and  Answer Sheet

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Story Time
Lesson 2 Reading

In this Reading lesson, learners read a newspaper article about uniforms.

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Download reading text

Download Worksheet and Answer Sheet

Lesson 3 Writing

In the writing lesson, learners will practise writing an article to express their opinion.


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Download Title for Writing Task

Download Writing Frame

Download Success Criteria

Download Sentence Starters

Lesson 4 Speaking

In this Speaking lesson learners plan a speech and compare and contrast two pictures.

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Download Picture Prompts

Download Cue Cards

Download Sentence and Question Starters

Download Success Criteria

Reading with Magnifying Glass
Lesson 5 Literature

Learners read and respond to an excerpt from the book How Green You Are! by Berlie Dohorty.

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Download reading text

Download Worksheet and Answers

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