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Scheme of Work - Let's Eat
Little Music Fan
Lesson 1 Listening

In this Listening lesson, learners listen to a recipe for cookies.

Download PowerPoint

Download worksheet 

Story Time
Lesson 2 Reading

In this Reading lesson, learners will learn how to read a recipe. 

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Download recipe

Download worksheet

Reading with Magnifying Glass
Lesson 3 Literature

Learners read and respond to a playscript based on the popular fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk.

Download PowerPoint

Download playscript

Download worksheet

Download puppet templates

Download Reading Aloud Checklist

Lesson 4 Speaking

In this speaking lesson, learners describe food and present the recipe for their favourite dish

Download PowerPoint

Download Presenting a recipe Checklist

Download graphic organiser

Lesson 5 Writing

In the last lesson of this unit, learners will learn how to write a recipe.

Download PowerPoint

Download Recipe Writing Frame

Download Writing a Recipe Success Criteria

Download Writing a Recipe Word Mat

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